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Bulk Add to Cart

Use this tool to add multiple products to your cart easily. We accept 2 formats for the data: decklist, or CSV.

Decklist Format

The decklist format is just a qty number followed by the name of the product. If the product is found in multiple categories, the cheapest, best quality, product is chosen first. An example decklist:

2 Izzet Charm
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Lightning Helix
4 Path to Exile
2 Arid Mesa

CSV Format

The CSV format must have a column to identify the amount you're looking to buy, and a column for the name of the product. Other columns such as Category Name or Finish are optional.

Column Alternate Headers Description
Count Qty, Quantity The number of items of this product you would like to buy.
Name Product Name The name of the product you would like to buy. If the product on our store has a compound name like "Pyramid Turtle - PGD-026 - Rare - 1st Edition", just "Pyramid Turtle" will do.
Category Name Category The name of the category the product you wish to buy is in.
Finish The finish of the product, if it applies. Ex: Foil, Regular, Holofoil.
Edition The edition of the product, if it applies. Ex: 1st or Unlimited. This is different from the Category Name.


  • Any cell which contains commas should be double quoted.
  • Any double quotes in product names or categories should be escaped with a quote and the whole cell quoted (so Spirit Message "I" becomes "Spririt Message ""I""").
  • The file encoding should be UTF-8. Line endings can be either Unix or Windows.
  • You can have a maximum of 250 different products in your cart. Any items past that will be ignored.

Example CSV:

2,Arid Mesa
1,"Elspeth, Knight-Errant - Foil"
1,"Spirit Message ""I"""